The Purpose and Mission of the Society is to:
  1. Advance both the art and science of medicine, and preserve medicine as a "calling"
  2. Celebrate the Arts, the Sciences, History, the Humanities and the Greatness of Human Acheivement.
  3. Foster a greater appreciation of the Classics and the Arts among members of the medical profession and a greater appreciation of the Healing Arts among non-health professionals.
  4. Promote physicianship, professionalism, collegiality, medical ethics and humanism.
  5. Promote best practices, continuous quality improvement and the habit of lifelong learning.
  6. Educate medical students, house officers, physicians-in-practice, other health professionals, as well as members of the general public
  7. Foster a greater appreciation of the history of medicine and its role in medical education
  8. Assist doctors at all stages of their "life in medicine", whether in training, or in the early, middle, late, or retirement years
  9. Help doctors face the many challenges of physicianhood, whether it be in establishing or maintaining their practice, dealing with the difficulties and burdens of patient care, family life, time management, or balance in their lives
  10. Assist physicians in maintaining their dedication, enthusiasm and happiness in their chosen profession; help them to become better doctors and prevent burnout
  11. Perpetuate the memory, the "Way of Life", and the legacy of Sir William Osler, as well as the other greats of medicine
Partner with and support other Osler organizations, including the American Osler Society, the Osler Club of London, the Osler Library of McGill University, the Japan Osler Society, Friends of 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford Medical Alumni, the Osler Club at the University of Texas, the McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine, etc.

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